Products by Koral Martin Fine Art Photography
  • Water and Waterfall Photographs

    It’s not always possible to have a view of nature from your home, place of business, or hospital room. As many studies have documented, just (simply) views of nature — even views of nature such as those of high-quality photographs — can help reduce stress levels. To benefit you, your family,... Read More
  • Landscape Photography

    These days, everyone’s lives seem to be full of stress, stress at work, stress at home, and especially, stress when you’re going to a doctor, dentist, or hospital. Your entire physiological system is directly (and negatively) affected by the stresses of your daily life, physical, mental, and... Read More
  • Floral Art

    There is nothing more peaceful than a walk in the garden. Each flower is so unique. The colors, shapes, textures all are pleasing to the eye. Studies have shown that flowers naturally reduce stress and moderate mood. To benefit your patients, their families, and the staff why not add to your... Read More
Clients of Koral Martin Fine Art Photography
    • Distinctive Art Source
    • Presbyterian Healthcare Services
    • Mercy Healthcare
    • Mercy McCune Brooks Hospital
    • Interior Perspectives
    • Wholistic Pathways Family Center
    • Spellman Brady & Company
    • BKD LLP
    • Presbyterian Cooper Center
    • Cabell Huntington Hospital
    • Kaseman Outpatient Rehab
    • Presbyterian Rust Expansion