LED Lighting (53 companies found)

Cost-effective and long-lasting lighting is a necessity for any healthcare facility. The companies in this category sell, distribute and, in some cases, install LED lighting. These companies offer LED options for a variety of lighting situations and locations, such as: LED tube lights, LED corridor lights, LED wall sconces, LED emergency lights, LED panel lights and many other types. LED lights, with their absence of mercury, are in compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances standards. Several of the companies listed below offer free audits of your current healthcare facility’s lighting. Browse the links below to view companies’ various LED lighting products and to locate contact phone and email contact information in order to speak with an expert about the benefits of utilizing LED lighting in your facility.

  • Indigo-Clean

    Continuous Environmental Disinfection
    MDLIC Series: MDLIC can be operated in two different modes: -Indigo Disinfection Mode: For when the room is not in use, for maximum bacteria killing power (exclusively 405nm). Applications --Patient Bathroom --General Bathroom -White Disinfection mode: for when the room is occupied and comfort and visual...
  • ATI Decorative Laminates

    Decorative Thermoplastic and Metal Laminates.
    ATI Decorative Laminates is a leading manufacturer of decorative surfacing solutions for the hospitality, healthcare and institutional, retail, commercial, and residential markets. ATI’s innovative products include MirroFlex™, Fusion, NuMetal™, and LumiSplash™. Create a unique surfacing solution...
  • Green Site Products

    Supplier of industry-leading LED lighting to maximize energy efficiency and minimize operating cost. We offer high-performance LED fixtures and retrofits for indoor and outdoor lighting, including roadway/parking lot lights with industry leading efficiency of 200 lumens per watt and longevity of...
  • PEC - Pacific Energy Concepts

    Custom energy-efficiency solutions: At PEC we leverage modern technologies and design expertise to deliver optimized LED lighting retrofits. Improving business outcomes through energy efficiency is what we do. Our proven energy-saving solutions offer an immediate and significant impact on production, safety, environmental, and...
  • GO+ Lighting Service

  • LED Lighting Direct

  • Forma Lighting

  • Factory LEDs Ltd

  • The Energy Smiths

  • Accurate Technologies