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Portable and mobile medical carts serve an important purpose in the modern healthcare facility. The companies listed in this category manufacture, sell and service a number of different types of medical/drug carts including: enclosed supply carts; multi-drawer carts; medical emergency carts; patient monitoring carts; IV start carts; Pharmacy transfer carts; and customizable carts are available from some of the companies. Most of these companies have long-standing experience in the healthcare industry and are aware of the regulatory policies involved in the medical field. Click one of the links below to locate phone and email contact information in order to discuss your healthcare facility’s requirements.

F.T.S. Cart: - Manage all clinical and support equipment in forward triage or hallway overflow conditions - Use as a flu screening cart in the ED waiting areas to alleviate throughput - Able to supply locking drawers and a variety of work surfaces and file organizers for admission forms, etc. - Stable...
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The H+H SYSTEM brings the standardization, security and control that the Joint Commission expects! The H+H SYSTEM offers organization solutions for Crash Carts, Procedure Carts, Anesthesia Carts, OR/Surgery Carts, Pediatric Carts, Gas Machines.

AFC Industries

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Telemedicine Carts & Equipment: As the worldwide medical field has had to make some necessary recent changes and accommodations, we too, at AFC, saw the demand for remote communication and remote connection solutions. The Telehealth ICU products are just one example of our latest line to help bridge the Doctor / Patient...
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Capsa Healthcare is a trusted partner in delivering innovative medication management solutions for various care environments, including senior living, assisted living, hospice, and more. With over 60 years of industry expertise, its comprehensive range of secure storage solutions, automation...

Medx Carts: Medx Enclosed Supply Carts offer endless options to optimize “your “supply delivery system. Front Covers or Locking Doors create secure environment for transport and a sanitary environment.
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Midmark Corporation strives to bring efficient patient care to millions of people each day in the human and animal healthcare industries around the world. A leading provider of medical, dental and veterinary equipment solutions, Midmark is focused on continuously improving exam room workflow and...

At MedViron we understand that the challenges facing one facility will not be the same for the next. With input from stakeholders, MedViron customers receive the products they need. “Your input, your product” is not just a tagline but it is the culture of MedViron. MedViron designs and...

TrippNT Inc

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