Physical Therapy Equipment Compare 3 Companies

Physical therapy is an important aspect of treatment at most healthcare facilities. The companies in this category manufacture, distribute and service a variety of physical therapy equipment. A small sample of the physical therapy equipment offered by these companies includes: whirlpools; paraffin therapy; aquatic therapy treadmills; splint pans, orthopedic rehabilitation equipment, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) devices. These companies familiarity with the healthcare industry makes dealing with them easy. Click one of the links below to view that company’s various physical therapy equipment, to search its website for more technical information regarding their physical therapy equipment, and to locate contact phone and email contact information.

Advantage Medical has become a leading provider of expert advice as well as quality physical therapy equipment, clinical supplies, and rehabilitation equipment for physical therapists, clinic directors, rehabilitation specialists, athlete trainers and other medical professionals.

Hudson Aquatic Systems is the leading aquatic therapy manufacturer of underwater treadmill systems and custom pools for not only humans, but horses and small animals as well.

GestureTek Health™ is the inventor, pioneer, and market leader of immersive gesture control technology for healthcare and rehabilitation. The company’s advanced immersive and interactive virtual reality therapy and entertainment systems are used by patients, professionals and institutions...