8/2/21- Healthcare Design- Leaderboard

Products by Furniture Concepts

  • Safe Harbor NATURA Collection

    Furniture Concepts' Safe Harbor Natura Collection settles the "nature vs nurture" debate once and for all. The optimal space for healing is comprised of a nurturing environment that is furnished with all-natural materials. Sustainable. Innovative. Responsible. Class A Fire Rating. Warmth... Read More
  • Tough Stuff! Heavy-Duty Wood Furniture

    Engineered for group living environments and protected by a 10-year warranty, our signature TOUGH STUFF! line is our most durable and cost-effective furniture solution. TOUGH STUFF! seating, bedroom, dining room, and study furniture. Our signature TOUGH STUFF! line features solid wood... Read More
  • Fully Upholstered Seating

    Healthcare Upholstered Seating: Priced to fit any budget and built to last features the most affordable fully upholstered, group living seating pieces. FLAT RATE SHIPPING from as low as $150 per piece! Offered in durable heavy incontinence styles that are priced to fit any budget and built to... Read More

Content by Furniture Concepts

  • Joining the Global Shift towards Sustainability By

    You can create optimal spaces for healing without compromising the greater good for our planet - you don't have to choose one goal at the expense of the other. Partner with Furniture Concepts to achieve eco-friendly solutions that can enhance your healing space and help take care of the... Read more
  • Comfortable Meeting Spaces Promote Patient Recovery By

    Leaders in behavioral health often say recovery is about connection, which is why offering safe and comfortable spaces for patients to interact should be part of any healing environment. Read more
  • Furniture Choice Impacts Your Budget By

    Today’s healthcare system demands that organizations provide high quality clinical care with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. This value proposition has had an immediate effect on providers’ bottom lines, particularly within the behavioral health specialty. Leading organizations must... Read more