8/2/21- Healthcare Design- Leaderboard

Products in the Healthcare Design Directory

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  • IC100 Series Controller System By Indigo-Clean

    The IC100 controller system ensures that the Indigo-Clean fixtures provide the lighting required for normal room operations while also continuously killing harmful bacteria, 24/7. -Automatically chooses white disinfection mode or Indigo Disinfection Mode -Incorporates dual-technology sensor... Read More
  • Image Gallery By Organic Imagery

    Featuring Joy’s timeless, uplifting and inspirational photography. Read More
  • ImPress ADA Signage By Encompass Sign Systems

    Inspired by game-changing thermoforming technology, Encompass created a collection of ADA sign families, designed for your most pressing ADA signage needs. Our rich set of thermoforming techniques yields visually stunning signage featuring superb tensile strength. Thermoforming allows... Read More
  • Indoor Signs & Displays By Everbrite, LLC

    Whether you prefer something classic or modern, we will work with you to find the best options for promoting your brand. The sky is the limit where your choices are concerned. Odds are - if you can picture it and tell us what you want - we can make it for you. Read More
  • Induro™ FRP for Healthcare By Marlite

    The ultimate in wall protection, Induro Decorative Laminate FRP is an exceptionally wear resistant panel created through an exclusive process of thermally bonding melamine impregnated surfacing materials directly to the FRP core. Designed to match and coordinate with popular high pressure... Read More
  • Infinity® Delta and Delta XL By Draeger

    With the Delta multiparameter series of monitors, you can continuously monitor adult, pediatric and neonatal patients both at the bedside and on transport – eliminating the need for separate transport monitors. Supports all patient acuity levels hospital-wide. Read More
  • Ink-Gard Plus Collection By LDI Interiors

    A classic, rugged leather grain with enhanced stain resistance built into the polymer. Many difficult stains, including ink, can be cleaned easily. Read More
  • Installations By Henry Domke Fine Art

    See examples of our work used on a variety of media. We print our own paper or canvas prints for others to frame and stretch, and offer digital images to use on wallcovering, metal, acrylic and film. Our images printed on glass are available only through Skyline Design. Read More
  • Insulating Glass By General Glass International, Inc. [GGI]

    Insulating glass units are designed to offer improved thermal performance by reducing heat gain or heat loss through the glass. Based on the various glass types specified, the insulating glass can meet multiple building code requirements and design aesthetics. GGI makes specifying... Read More
  • Integrated Visual Experience By Distinctive Art Source

    Imagine walking through a hospital in which every visual experience supports your journey. Signage easily directs you to your destination… art serves as both a positive distraction and an engaging experience…quiet spaces are void of visual noise…design elements are so well integrated in... Read More
  • Interior Design By Zimmerman Architectural Studios, Inc.

    ZDG may well be have the single most award winning interior design staff in the State of Wisconsin. In the last 10 years, the firm has been awarded more than 50 interior design awards, and, in Spring 2006 we received 8 awards, including two bank projects, from the Wisconsin Chapter of the... Read More
  • Interior Design By BSA LifeStructures

    Buildings are an extension of the owner’s mission and purpose. Successful interior design enables and inspires those who enter the space to reach their individual and collective goals. The firm’s commitment to thoughtful healing, learning and discovery environments is achieved through inspired... Read More
  • Interior Design By M+A Architects

    As one of our primary services, interior design is very important to the overall success of a project. A well-designed interior space reflects a client’s personality, business goals and culture they wish to convey to staff, patients and visitors of the space. We believe interior design extends a... Read More
  • Interior Design By Aesthetics, Inc.

    Designing an effective interior space for a positive patient experience requires an in-depth understanding of the rigors and needs of healthcare. Our experienced, knowledgeable and talented team of designers create interior environments that are warm and inviting, aesthetically pleasing,... Read More
  • Interior Design for Healthcare By Hord Coplan Macht, Inc.

    TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY UNIT AT SINAI HOSPITAL BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Located on the 5th floor of Sinai’s new bed tower, the new state-of-the art rehabilitation unit for traumatic brain injury patients was designed to include 21 private patient rooms of which 10 are in a separate, secured unit. The... Read More
  • Interior Design for Healthcare Environments By Ballinger

    We strive to create sensory, tactile, and spatially rich environments that are extensions of the architectural ideas which frame a building. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff possesses a wide array of skills, including specific expertise in healthcare planning, workplace strategies,... Read More
  • Interior Design Services By 4 Design, LLC

    We provide full service interior design for Senior Living Communities. 25 years of experience in listening and promoting our clients brand through design. Creating the future beyond today's norm. Read More
  • Interior Solutions By Creative Sign Systems

    Made in the U.S.A. with superior craftsmanship and sustainability in mind. Each sign system is designed to connect with its environment and meet the demands of a dynamic facility. We are your comprehensive resource for engineered sign systems and custom fabrication. Read More
  • IP Video Distribution By Z-BAND, Inc.

    Z-Band’s Z-IP system offers an end-to-end, enterprise-level modular IPTV platform that includes highly scalable, standards-based encoding, decoding, management, recording, and playback to multiple viewing (desktops, TVs and mobile) devices. Depending on the application, you can get... Read More
  • Islands Modular By StruXure

    Escape traditional lounge seating and take an adventure with Islands—a modular bench collection comprised of center seats and circular pedestal bases that create flowing ensembles of seated bliss. With multiple connection points allowing maximum flexibility in scale and configuration... Read More
  • IT Services Power Efficient and Secure IT Solutions By Black Box

    Enterprises today are looking for managed IT services that provide their networks with a range of flexibility, the latest digital technologies, and cost-effective solutions that drive innovation. Enable your organization to focus on the crucial business priorities and let Black Box manage your... Read More