8/2/21- Healthcare Design- Leaderboard

Products in the Healthcare Design Directory

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  • Klik Modular Sign System By 2/90 Sign Systems

    2/90 KLIK is a frameless modular signage system. The KLIK baseplate holds front-loading, removable copy inserts, creating a clean design that makes Klik the attractive and efficient choice for healthcare environments large and small. Choose Klik when you’re looking for fine detail in a clean,... Read More
  • Kwalu’s Caterina – Redefining Clean Design By Kwalu

    The solid surface 1⁄8” thick finish of the Caterina is indestructible, non-porous, and is not a topical coating. Sanitizing solutions commonly used in healthcare environments can be used – including 100% bleach – without degrading or compromising the finish. Kwalu’s Caterina makes a beautiful... Read More