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  • M4SEDIC Series By Indigo-Clean

    Available in 2'x2', 2'x4', 1'x4' M4SEDIC can be operated in two different modes: -Indigo Disinfection Mode: For when the room is not in use, for maximum bacteria killing power (exclusively 405nm). Applications --Operating Room --Medical Equipment Storage Areas --Patient Bathroom --Janitor... Read More
  • Madera Faux Wood Sectional By Planters Unlimited

    A bench planter is an attractive way to provide seating in commercial spaces while adding simultaneous visual appeal. Add to that the beauty of rich greenery, and you have a multi-functional and aesthetically pleasing landscape solution. Our Madera Faux Wood Sectional is just that solution,... Read More
  • Majestic Phthalate Free Sheet Vinyl By TAJ Flooring, Inc.

    Beauty and performance are combined in this collection of phthalate free realistic wood grain commercial sheet patterns. Ceramic bead infused urethane finish contributes to industry leading durability and ease of maintenance. Read More
  • Managed UCaaS By Black Box

    UCaaS offers organizations an all-in-one, cloud-based communications platform that includes meetings, video, chat, phone, file sharing, and other collaboration features. But why managed? IT teams are lean and budgets are tight. That’s why we offer a full suite of managed services and workplace... Read More
  • Manual Tech Shades By SKYCO Shading Systems Inc

    Our manually operated window treatments have been installed in notable projects in healthcare, places of learning, and hospitality, as well as residential and commercial projects and national chains. We use high quality clutches and components. Our chain loop is T304 stainless steel with a... Read More
  • MARATHON® - Rubber Flooring By American Biltrite - Flooring

    Round | Natural Slate | Desert Stone | Lakeland Slate | Oasis The Marathon® rubber flooring collection combines looks and function with no compromise. Like all truly well-designed products; it provides value over time due to its long life cycle and low maintenance requirement. The collection... Read More
  • Markerboards By Skyline Art Services

    Skyline Art Services is committed to developing both innovative and inspirational art programs for healthcare facilities. Our dedication to improve the patient experience has led us to develop our signature line of patient-care markerboards. Our markerboards are made to order, and use the most... Read More
  • Marlite FRP Wall Panels By Marlite

    FRP Wall Panels (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Panels) produce moisture-proof and impact-resistant sanitary environments in an array of decorative choices. Marlite FRP wall panels are ideal as kitchen and bath wall coverings, along with dining rooms, offices, classrooms, hospital rooms,... Read More
  • Matrixx-M By Nexxspan™ Healthcare, LLC

    The Matrixx-M Vertical Headwall was ergonomically designed to address the specific environmental needs of at risk newborns, families and the clinical staff that cares for them in the neonatal care unit. The Matrixx-M is the only system that meets the recommended environmental design standards... Read More
  • Mattresses, Replacement Covers & Bedbug Management for Group Living By Furniture Concepts

    Buying mattresses is typically a budget-stretching process since facilities need hundreds of mattresses at a time to accommodate all of their residents and staff. Our mattresses are highly customizable to your exact needs. We offer innerspring, fiber core, foam core, and memory foam options in... Read More
  • MAX™ Glassboards By General Glass International, Inc. [GGI]

    Create spaces that inspire creativity, collaboration, and productivity. MAX™ is a cutting-edge glass dry erase board that can be fabricated to any shape and back-painted in almost any color, leaving the dry erase boards and whiteboards of yesterday in the dust. Images and copy can be printed... Read More
  • MDLIC Series By Indigo-Clean

    MDLIC can be operated in two different modes: -Indigo Disinfection Mode: For when the room is not in use, for maximum bacteria killing power (exclusively 405nm). Applications --Patient Bathroom --General Bathroom -White Disinfection mode: for when the room is occupied and comfort and visual... Read More
  • MechoShade® Manual Shades By MechoSystems, Inc.

    Chain-driven MechoShade® roller screens are part of the most comprehensive manual solar protection and room-darkening system available. They feature ThermoVeil® and EuroVeil® (visually-transparent sunscreens and room-darkening shades), a full range of hardware options for manual shading... Read More
  • Media Rooms By Aufderworld Corp

    Similar to movie theaters, media rooms can also be customized for certain activities. However, media rooms are designed to fulfill multiple purposes. These spaces are designed to play host to events like watch parties, game nights, and more. Read More
  • Medical Communications Design By Drake Systems Group, Inc.

    We offer a dynamic range of advisory services that evolves as your project progresses to completion. We are also brand-neutral when it comes to designing audiovisual systems. So when you become a client, we become your advocate for best-in-class technologies. Clients value our: • Deep... Read More
  • Medical Gas & Electric Headwalls By Nexxspan™ Healthcare, LLC

    The Nexxspan™ Medical Gas and Electric Headwall is a wall-mounted, integrated equipment management system that provides electrical services and horizontal distribution of medical gas outlets – typically oxygen, air and vacuum. The system is designed to allow staff to move equipment where needed... Read More
  • Medical Lighting By Everbrite, LLC

    Our MedLux® family of lighting products have transformed lighting possibilities in MRI suites, with exclusive GPI illuminated light panels, recessed downlights, cove lighting, color changing troffers, and high-bright troffers. Our medical lighting products are constructed of non-ferrous metals... Read More
  • Medical Office & Clinic Murals By Murals Your Way

    Providing A Calming Atmosphere With Wall Murals Easing apprehension among your patients can be as simple as providing an atmosphere that makes them feel comfortable and confident. Setting a calming tone through decor is easy when you install wall murals. Murals Your Way offers simple interior... Read More
  • medTAB 14" Interactive Patient Device By PDi Communication Systems, Inc.

    A 14" bedside touchscreen HDTV-TABLET with a simple, easy-to-use interactive patient system that patients of all ages will enjoy. Patients will enjoy a full touch HDTV and entertainment TABLET experience, that feels like home! The 14” medTAB healthcare-grade TV-TABLET brings touchscreen TV and... Read More
  • medTV19 By PDi Communication Systems, Inc.

    A 19" bedside healthcare-grade HDTV for a personal entertainment experience designed for the patient’s comfort and safety. PDi the industry leader since 1980 in low-voltage, arm-mounted bedside entertainment devices delivers these high-definition, healthcare-grade LED TVs to satisfy patients of... Read More
  • Medx Carts By TECNI-QUIP Carts, Shelving and Covers

    Medx Enclosed Supply Carts offer endless options to optimize “your “supply delivery system. Front Covers or Locking Doors create secure environment for transport and a sanitary environment. Read More
  • MEIC Series By Indigo-Clean

    Available in 2'x2', 2'x4' MEIC can be operated in two different modes: -Indigo Disinfection Mode: For when the room is not in use, for maximum bacteria killing power (exclusively 405nm). Applications --Emergency Department --Procedure Rooms --Triage Rooms --C-Section Rooms -White Disinfection... Read More
  • Memory Boxes By Contract Picture Framers

    Memory care is one of the most intimate elements in our line of work. With well rounded knowledge in evidence-based design and years of experience we are confident our Memory Boxes will not only serve their intention but last for years to come. Of course, these products serve great purposes for... Read More
  • Memory Boxes By Assisted Living Memory Boxes

    Our Shadow Boxes are made only of premium hardwoods and manufactured by us in the USA. Read More
  • MERV 11 Healthcare By Factory Direct Filters

    For superior air filtration and efficiency, MERV 11 pleated filters offer significantly higher particulate efficiency. They capture airborne particles/allergens between 1 and 10 microns. MERV 11 Replacement Filters Help Eliminate: •Dust and Lint •Pet Dander •Dust... Read More
  • MERV 13 Healthcare By Factory Direct Filters

    Over 30-times more efficient at capturing micro particles than ordinary fiberglass filters, these filters capture airborne particles/allergens less than 1 microns in size. MERV 13 Replacement Filters Help Eliminate: •Dust and Lint •Pet Dander •Dust Mites •Pollen •Bacteria •Mold •Micro... Read More
  • Meta Occasional Tables By StruXure

    Inspired by nature, Meta Tables feature an intricate geometric pattern displayed beneath ¼” etched glass, creating a picturesque finish in any environment. Manufactured in Maple, Walnut, or rift-cut White Oak, tables are offered in round, square and rectangle shapes in a variety of sizes. Add... Read More
  • Metal Dressers, Chests Beds & Tables for Group Living By Furniture Concepts

    Metal furniture (aka steel furniture) gives your facility a sleek, modern look without sacrificing toughness. Furniture Concepts line of steel furniture includes: metal bedroom furniture, indoor and outdoor metal chairs and tables, metal storage options, and metal desks. Our high quality steel... Read More
  • Metroflor LVT By Aspecta North America, LLC

    Our Metroflor LVT product offering is designed to let you make a personal style statement while meeting your particular performance and budget needs. And you can rest assured knowing that all Metroflor LVT is made to last…because we never compromise when it comes to quality. Read More
  • mfPHD Fortress™ non-reflective glass monitor By mfPHD

    mfPHD Fortress™ non-reflective glass monitor covers help to guard against the consequences of surface contaminants, The covers are specifically made for flushed mounted recessed wall units and are a customized solution specifically designed for operating theaters. We can also provide a simple... Read More
  • mfPHD Fortress™ wall systems By mfPHD

    mfPHD Fortress™ wall systems are ideal for the strict requirements in hospital environments. - Modular system that makes every wall panel an access panel - One of the most durable and impact-resistant systems on the market - Each panel is 5/8” mold resistant gypsum board adhered to and wrapped... Read More
  • mfPHD Fortress™ windows By mfPHD

    The mfPHD Fortress™ windows are double pane with Integrated laser proof blinds. The windows are flush mounted to the adjacent panels maintaining superior hygiene and aesthetics. - Double pane ESGTM safety glass (6mm) or VSG - Integrated laser proof venetian blinds (16mm) or roller blinds -... Read More
  • mfPHD glass wall panels By mfPHD

    The mfPHD glass wall panels provide an opportunity to display the facilities unique branding, improve room aesthetics with graphic designs, or create a “white board” style writing surface. - Flush integration with prefabricated room system - 6 mm thick ESG safety glass or VSG safety glass -... Read More
  • mfPHD’s Fortress™ By mfPHD

    mfPHD’s Fortress™ engineered solid-core casework comes in standard configurations, but can also be custom built to user specifications. Our integration cabinet provides room for •electrical outlets and ductwork for proper airflow •stainless steel slotted shelves that won’t fall... Read More
  • mfPHD’s Fortress™ flush-mounted door systems By mfPHD

    mfPHD’s Fortress™ flush-mounted door systems provide fully integrated solid core doors for increased infection control and durability. - The sliding door drive is rated for 5 million cycles - Custom doors can be programmed to your specifications. - Hands-free bump bars and sensors - Fewer air... Read More
  • MicroVision 400Z By Systems Technologies

    MicroVision 400Z is a small self-contained console that simply plugs in to any electrical outlet and receives wireless transmissions from all transmitter devices in the coverage area whether a single building or a multi-building complex. Use personal pendants, wandering patient door... Read More
  • MicroVision Wireless Emergency Call Systems By Systems Technologies

    The MicroVision 200Z® supports up to 48 wireless emergency call stations, pendants, stations or devices and is widely used in assisted living and senior independent living as well as clinics and hospitals. Resident units can be equipped with wireless flush mounted pull, push button or bedside... Read More
  • Mile Marker By Carolina, an OFS Company

    With its broad offering and smart design, Mile Marker provides supportive solutions throughout facilities. Whether it’s for caregiver work stations, patient rooms, exam spaces, family respite areas or lab environments, Mile Marker adapts and supports specific needs. Its high quality construction... Read More
  • Milestone Medical By Interite Healthcare Interiors

    Milestone Medical strives to deliver the best health care for women and children. The services of Interite Healthcare Interiors were engaged to deliver an architectural designed building and interior that delivered the principles of functionality, energy efficiency and privacy. Due to the 234m2... Read More
  • Mirage Glass @Mother Mercy Hospital, MN By Nathan Allan Glass Studios, Inc.

    Mirage textured glass, from our Classic Textures Directional Series, is a free flowing pattern with fluidly shaped lines of deep texture. Organic molds are produced with deep recesses to allow for the profound surface striations. Each mold is individually created to form a continuous pattern... Read More
  • MIRRA® - LVT By American Biltrite - Flooring

    Strength and resiliency from the ground up. The Mirra® line is the ideal 3 mm luxury vinyl tile for heavy traffic environments and is perfect for all commercial applications. It contains 50% greater wear layer (30 mil) than most LVTs. FEATURES & BENEFITS • Commercial grade makes it suitable... Read More
  • MirroFlex™ Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Tiles By ATI Decorative Laminates

    MirroFlex™ Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Tiles offer customers the ability to add a decorative component to suspended ceilings with the added benefit of noise absorption. Available in over 40 patterns, MirroFlex Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Tiles are perforated to increase sound absorption and... Read More
  • MirroFlex™ Decorative Ceilings By ATI Decorative Laminates

    MirroFlex™ Structures offer a variety of deeply textured, thermoplastic, square and rectangular ceiling tiles available in a wide variety of pattern and finish combinations. ATI offers a variety of ceiling options, so almost every installation situation can be accommodated – Lay-In, Glue-Up, and... Read More
  • MirroFlex™ Deeply Textured Decorative Laminates By ATI Decorative Laminates

    MirroFlex™ Structures are 3-dimensional, thermoplastic, decorative wall panels and ceiling tiles that are available in hundreds of pattern and finish combinations. MirroFlex offers design flexibility and is suitable for walls in both 4’ x 8’ and 4’ x 10’, wainscoting, and DIY backsplash panels.... Read More
  • MirroFlex™ Lite Ceiling Tiles By ATI Decorative Laminates

    MirroFlex™ Lite is ATI’s value-conscious ceiling solution. Our original MirroFlex Structures line has long been coveted as a durable, beautiful, and affordable option for designers and architects. With MirroFlex Lite, we’ve successfully combined many MirroFlex Lay-In Ceiling Tile patterns with... Read More
  • Mobile Employee Self-Service By SmartLinx Solutions LLC

    Empower your employees with direct, anytime access to the employment information and functions they need with the WorkLinx™ intuitive Employee Self-Service (ESS) product. ESS is available from wherever your staff needs access — desktop, laptop and mobile devices. In addition to our time... Read More
  • Molded Plastic Ligature-Resistant Furniture By Furniture Concepts

    Our complete line of rotationally Molded Plastic furniture creates environments that are safe for clients and staff. Rotationally Molded Plastic furniture is available with bolt-down or weighing options to keep the items from being taken or thrown.One-piece rotationally molded furniture... Read More
  • Monet's Dream By Eber ArtWorks

    Monet's Dream 1, 18x18 Archival Digital Print on Pura Velvet The highest quality textured fine art paper. This 310g, Bright White, water-resistant velvet fine art paper is made from 100% cotton fiber and is acid and lignin free. Pura Velvet is a proprietary mouldmade fine art paper that is... Read More
  • Montana Collection By LDI Interiors

    Montana is a sophisticated leather grain with a subtle glaze effect. This Collection utilizes EnviroLeather's proprietary antimicrobial system that includes silver technology to protect the surface in high humidity from odor and stains caused by bacterial and microbial growth. Read More
  • Mosaic By Guy Kemper

    Working internationally in glass, sculpture, mosaic, lighting, and paint, Guy’s accomplishments include two documentaries broadcast nationally in the US and Germany, a CODA International Design Award from Interior Design magazine, and coverage in over 80 publications worldwide. Read More
  • Most Flexible Product available in the industry By Paladin Healthcare LLC

    Paladin Healthcare unique and “salient” features are as follows: 1.  Anti-Microbial finish on the plates, adapters and wall stand-offs. 2.  Wall stand-off to reduce leaning and the “bounce” effect when using a device. 3.  Multiple holes to attach future products from different vendors without... Read More
  • Movie Theaters By Aufderworld Corp

    We can customize empty rooms in your commercial building to resemble movie theaters. We install custom projectors, lighting systems, audio systems, and more. Movie theaters are an excellent way to provide your residents with a quiet space to relax. Read More