8/2/21- Healthcare Design- Leaderboard

Products in the Healthcare Design Directory

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  • NATURA™ - LVT By American Biltrite - Flooring

    Designed for light commercial or residential use, Natura™ 3 mm luxury vinyl planks and tiles with a 8 mil wear layer offer natural style and enduring quality for all living areas in the home. Developed as a low maintenance floor, Natura’s beauty and durability are rooted in its five-layer... Read More
  • Navigo Visitor Registration & Check-In System By Interactive Touchscreen Solutions

    The Navigo Visitor Registration & Check-In System provides a powerful new tool to authorize and register visitors. Navigo's Visitor Solutions greatly enhances the efficiency and speed of all visitor processing. Pre-registered visitors can check-in more quickly and get their badges from... Read More
  • Navigo Wayfinding Systems By Interactive Touchscreen Solutions

    Navigo delivers the world's premier wayfinding solution for large facilities, like healthcare campuses. Key components that will benefit your patients & visitors: The Navigo System is a pro-active way to provide helpful customer service and instant information with self-service touchscreen... Read More
  • NEW… Overflow Protected ~ Barrier Free Shower Pans By Grifform Innovations®

    Trench Drain Pans are all pitched from the entry floor level to the opposite wall with minimal slope. This style of shower pan is a good option for transfer and roll-in operations. Often prescribed for areas that sometimes require close quarters and possible garments or toweling inside the... Read More
  • Next Practice By Interite Healthcare Interiors

    Welcome to Next Practice Victoria Park, a patient-centric medical clinic that provides both traditional and integrative care. The design blends purpose-built technology into its infrastructure so that the patient experience is seamless and aims to redefine everyday healthcare to fit the... Read More
  • NextLock Cue By Digilock

    With a motorized deadbolt, Next Lock Cue© can be set to function for either shared or assigned use applications allowing facility managers to change how the lockers operate without having to change the lock. Product is available in a code or key managed model. Read More
  • NextLock Keypad & RFID By Digilock

    NextLock keypad locks function by entry of a 4-digit code while radio frequency identification (RFID) locks function by presenting a valid RFID Card. The lock interface also contains a key slot to operate the locks with either an electronic Manager Key or an Accessibility User Key. Read More
  • NextLock Mechanical By Digilock

    The NextLock mechanical products include a padlock hasp as an entry-level solution which allows users to bring their own padlock, as well as a mechanical key operated camlock and a shared use dial combo lock. Read More
  • NextLock SOLA By Digilock

    NextLock SOLA© offers a simplified security solution delivering ease-of-use, durability, and functionality. Programmed for either assigned or shared use access in a code or key managed model. Read More
  • Nexus Primary Health By Interite Healthcare Interiors

    Nexus Primary Health is a leading provider of primary and community health services designed to support you to live well in your community. Nexus Primary Health engaged Interite Healthcare Interiors to create a space that would cater for their increase in company growth and to improve on the... Read More
  • North and Central American Birds By Given Photography

    View Given Photography's on-line photo gallery of North and Central American birds in their natural habitat. Look for the majestic Roseate Spoonbill, secretive Least Bittern or calling Northern Bobwhite. Read More
  • NuLeather By The Mitchell Group

    NuLeather™ is a high performance faux leather with a luxuriously soft hand – nothing comes closer to real leather, and yet delivers the strength and durability required for the most demanding environments. NuLeather is engineered with the highest quality polycarbonate resins, the best available... Read More
  • NuMetal™ High Pressure Laminates with Metal Surfaces By ATI Decorative Laminates

    NuMetal™ is a collection of HPL’s (High Pressure Laminates) with a thin metal surface and phenolic paper backing. These HPL’s can be used for interior applications such as wallcoverings, wall panels and ceilings. NuMetal sheets are usually 4′ x 8′ in Aluminum, Copper or Real Stainless Steel;... Read More