8/2/21- Healthcare Design- Leaderboard

Products in the Healthcare Design Directory

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  • Safe Harbor COVE Collection By Furniture Concepts

    Furniture Concepts' Safe Harbor COVE Collection is best suited for the heaviest use environments. This collection humanizes the institutional setting with clean lines and a ruggedly classic style. • We have developed a line of extremely durable solid-wood products that provide quality USA... Read More
  • Safe Harbor NATURA Collection By Furniture Concepts

    Furniture Concepts' Safe Harbor Natura Collection settles the "nature vs nurture" debate once and for all. The optimal space for healing is comprised of a nurturing environment that is furnished with all-natural materials. Sustainable. Innovative. Responsible. Class A Fire Rating. Warmth... Read More
  • SafeCare™ By 2/90 Sign Systems

    If you’re looking for ways to create a safer, friendlier environment, our new line of SafeCare™ Signs has your back. We partnered with designers to develop this anti-ligature product specifically for behavioral health environments. We’re proud to say it’s the only American-made product featured... Read More
  • Satin Etched Glass By General Glass International, Inc. [GGI]

    Satin etched glass is ideal for a wide range of interior applications, including walls and office partitions, dividers, table tops, doors and door insets, staircases and railings, shower enclosures, and even floors. The GGI Satin line of etched glass products offers a wide choice of patterns... Read More
  • Saven Rocker By Carolina, an OFS Company

    We designed Saven to provide ideal support for new mothers and their babies. You can adjust Saven’s arms independently to easily find a comfortable position, and its gentle motion calms and soothes. But Saven isn’t limited to this setting. From corporate wellness rooms to long-term care,... Read More
  • Screens and Closures By Rigidized Metals Corporation

    Designed as an alternative to mesh architectural fabrics, Rigidized® Metals’ deep texture perforated screens and closures give the designer a new flexibility when designing for parking structures. Rigidized® Metals’ exclusive panel systems can be used like glazing systems or span multiple... Read More
  • Seating, Public Areas By Summer Classics Contract

    Each piece in the Café collection is inspired by the alluring atmosphere that has become synonymous with the outdoor bistros throughout France. Every unique piece can be used as a matching set or is designed to be interchangeable. Many of the pieces in this collection are stackable for easy storage. Read More
  • SecureSpec By Creative Sign Systems

    The ideal sign system for use in behavioral health facilities, long-term and transitional care settings. Read More
  • Security/Blast Resistant Windows By Winco Window

    Winco offers Blast Protection Windows that features 2- to 4-1/2 inch frames and energy-efficient glass systems with laminated interlayer, behind a sacrificial exterior panel. This provides the assurance of safety without the visual reminders of security screens, shutters and barriers. Winco has... Read More
  • Select Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tiles By TAJ Flooring, Inc.

    The TAJ Select collection offers affordability without tradeoffs. High style, high performance 3mm LVT with an impressive number of designs in this value oriented product construction that will meet the majority of budgetary challenges. Read More
  • Senso By Carolina, an OFS Company

    Senso is a modern collection of luxurious veneer and laminate patient room casegoods featuring floating tops on bedside cabinets and dressers for a light, contemporary setting. Other high design features are a bow front design, tops in veneer, HPL, 3DL, or solid surface selections, drawer and... Read More
  • Serony By Carolina, an OFS Company

    Refined, tailored and designed for durability with today’s modern facilities in mind; Serony blends the strength of metal with cleanable components in a warm, comfortable and stylish design. Full family of seating allows the design aesthetic to be carried throughout any facility. Public and... Read More
  • Serony Bariatric By Carolina, an OFS Company

    Refined, tailored and designed for durability with today’s modern facilities in mind; Serony blends the strength of metal with cleanable components in a warm, comfortable and stylish design. Full family of seating allows the design aesthetic to be carried throughout any facility. Public and... Read More
  • Serony Behavioral Health By Carolina, an OFS Company

    Extending the family of Serony seating into Behavioral Health settings brings design consistency along with safe and functional solutions. Serony blends the strength of metal with cleanable components in a warm, comfortable and stylish design. Full family of seating allows the design aesthetic... Read More
  • Shinnoki By Hardwoods Specialty Products

    Experience wood at its best! Distributed by Hardwoods, Shinnoki gives you a wide choice of sturdy, high-quality veneered sheets, ready to be processed in any interior. Offering a powerful collection of 17 varied designs to cover all kinds of styles, ranging from classical to trendy. One key... Read More
  • Sierra Collection By LDI Interiors

    Sierra resembles the dimpled leather look of authentic Ostrich skin giving this collection a discernible style. Read More
  • Sign Guest Chair By StruXure

    Stylish guest chair boasts a sleek, rectangular steel cantilever frame with two available finish options, fully upholstered back & seat and wood arm caps. Licensed from Wiesner Hager, Austria. Read More
  • SilentPac™Solutions By Accurate Lock and Hardware

    SilentPac™ by Accurate is a suite of acoustically engineered door hardware designed to soften noise from opening and closing doors, ultimately resulting in more peaceful and quiet environments. SilentPac™ Solutions include: the 9100Q Quiet Mortise Lock, Lever Dampening Disc, Magnetic Latch,... Read More
  • Simour Premium Package By Simour Design

    We are with you all the way from the beginning to your grand opening. This package includes your design, 3 x 360º 3D Renderings, bid assistance, and purchasing option. Read More
  • Site Pedestrian Wayfinding and Building Identification By Lebowitz|Gould|Design, Inc.

    LGD is expert at both creating and maintaining your brand image - designing identities and seamless wayfinding graphics, along with developing the tools to manage their implementation. Read More
  • Skyfold Mirage® By Skyfold Inc.

    Mirage incorporates Skyfold technology in order to provide the user with the added luxury of transparency! clean lines, a lightweight structure into a wide range of glass and plexiglass panels can be inserted, high efficiency acoustic seams, and ease of maintenance make Mirage the ideal solution... Read More
  • Skyfold Zenith® Series By Skyfold Inc.

    Zenith combines the vertically folding elements found in the Classic series at the top portion of the wall with a slick straight down descent thereafter. Ideal for areas that may have wall obstructions which could limit the use of a vertically folding wall. Read More
  • Skyfold® Classic™ Series By Skyfold Inc.

    The Classic series was developed to meet the acoustic challenges of geometrically variable spaces, from the simple (offices, Classrooms) to the complex (auditoriums with sloped or stepped floors). Exceeding industry standards, the acoustic soundproofing indexes for Classic 51, 55 and 60 ensure... Read More
  • Slide™ By 2/90 Sign Systems

    Slide modular signs are simple and highly visible. Create your own custom look from the infinite combinations of three basic Slide components. Your custom Slide wayfinding system sends the right message about you and your facility, engaging visitors and directing them to their intended location. Read More
  • Slip Retardant Flooring By Armstrong Flooring

    Safety Zone Sheet Enhanced Traction and Wear Performance Designed for commercial areas that require an extra measure of safety, Armstrong Flooring’s Safety Zone Sheet provides dynamic underfoot traction, activating when compressed to supply sure-grip texture underfoot with high stain resistance... Read More
  • SmartCells Fall Protection Flooring By SmartCells

    At SmartCells, we believe Life Shouldn’t hurt, which is why we’ve developed mat and flooring solutions to minimize fall-related injuries. Our patented cushioning technology is optimized to be stable and not impair balance or gait while still cushioning the impact of a fall. Available in bedside... Read More
  • SmartSMS-Net Sound Masking By Soft dB Inc.

    Sound masking manufacturer with unique product features that allow for more privacy, confidentiality, productivity, & comfort. Real-time adaptive adjustment Automatic equalization Networked masking system technology, wired or wifi *variety of speakers and control options for various ceiling... Read More
  • SONATA ELEMENTS - LVT By American Biltrite - Flooring

    Sonata Elements provides the hygienic benefits of LVT complemented with a dimensional striated textile visual inspired by modular carpet tiles. The gradient color pattern provides the same versatility of carpet tiles to create unlimited interior design options. The collection includes: Base... Read More
  • SONATA® - LVT By American Biltrite - Flooring

    Sonata will have everyone singing the praises of its new line of 2.5 mm luxury vinyl tiles and planks with a 20 mil wear layer. Developed for medium to heavy commercial and residential use. Tiles come in a versatile and elegant line of colors and patterns running from the classic to the... Read More
  • Sound Masking By Aufderworld Corp

    At Aufderworld, we can install sound masking systems to block out excessive noise and give your residents the peace and quiet they crave. These systems emanate white noise, which reverberates through the room or hallway, creating a peaceful sound that overrides distractions. Read More
  • Sound Masking By LogiSon Acoustic Network

    Sound masking systems are a common part of today’s interiors, from their original use in commercial offices and call centers, to relatively newer applications such as hospital patient rooms. Without this technology, the ambient – or background – sound levels in these facilities are usually too... Read More
  • Sound Masking in Healthcare By Cambridge Sound Management, Inc.

    The mission of many modern hospitals has expanded to not only include rehabilitation of a patient’s body, but also to rejuvenate their mind and spirit. Industry mandated standards have also become more important as hospitals strive to earn better HCAHPS scores and HIPAA compliance. As patient... Read More
  • SpectraTile Waterproof Ceiling Tiles By Parkland Plastics Inc

    SpectraTile is the only completely waterproof lay-in ceiling tile on the market. It is extruded PVC foam with a decoratively embossed surface texture. This all-plastic panel solves the problems of water damage and mold/mildew that traditional fiber-based lay-in panels experience. Read More
  • Spectrum Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tiles By TAJ Flooring, Inc.

    TAJ Spectrum Collection is focused on delivering a variety of color and bold patterns to the TAJ product offering. Multiple size options in many of the products provide design possibilities in varied end use applications. Read More
  • Spellman Brady & Company By Spellman Brady & Company

    Spellman Brady & Company is an award-winning St. Louis–based interior design firm specializing in senior living, healthcare, and higher education environments. The firm maintains design excellence by delivering comprehensive interior design, furniture, artwork master planning, and procurement... Read More
  • Spiritual Art and Sacred Spaces By Aesthetics, Inc.

    The inclusion of spaces for meditation and prayer have been an important part of the healing experience and environment since the middle ages. Aesthetics designs spaces for interfaith reflection and contemplation using sacred geometry, the use of beautiful and meaningful materials and the... Read More
  • Sta-Kleen Performance Fabric By The Mitchell Group

    Sta-Kleen® Performance Fabric is a revolution in faux leather upholstery -- the first erasable urethane fabric. Sta-Kleen offers permanent protection, created with a proprietary bonding process inherent in the manufacturing process of the product. It is not a topical application: it will last... Read More
  • Sta-Kleen Polycarbonate By The Mitchell Group

    PERFORMANCE Sta-Kleen Polycarbonate (PC) is a polyurethane coated upholstery fabric made from a 100% polycarbonate resin system. The polycarbonate resins provide for an incredibly strong and durable product. Sta-Kleen PC is engineered to perform in the most demanding commercial environments. To... Read More
  • Starloc Resilient Flooring By Aspecta North America, LLC

    Starloc represents the newest generation of high-quality resilient flooring. With an innovative lock-connect technology, Starloc planks and tiles are easy to install and equally simple to replace if it's ever necessary. Read More
  • Stay Active By Stay Smart Care by TekTone

    Stay Active is a remote health monitoring solutions that uses an array of battery-powered infrared smart sensors to monitor activity around a home and a radio frequency ultra-wideband radar to provide fall detection in the bathroom. The device in the bathroom has a built-in phone to... Read More
  • Stay Connected By Stay Smart Care by TekTone

    Stay Connected is a remote health monitoring solution designed to monitor for symptoms of COVID-19. Pre-synchronized devices are used to check for any change of condition in body temperature, blood pressure and blood Oxygen levels. Readings are automatically uploaded to a dashboard via Bluetooth... Read More
  • Stay Healthy By Stay Smart Care by TekTone

    Stay Healthy is a comprehensive Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution provides users with the health information that they need from the safety of wherever they call home. Stay Healthy combines innovative technology with world class health services. Daily blood pressure, pulse, oxygen,... Read More
  • STUDIO Collection® By Aristech Surfaces LLC

    Luxurious design resin material meets inspired innovation in the STUDIO Collection®. Highly workable, durable and thermoformable, this collection expands the spectrum of design resins with brilliant chromas, natural neutrals and sparkling metallics that look and feel like nothing you’ve seen,... Read More
  • Subfloor Solutions for Retail By Linron Company

    Linron Company has solutions, whether it is moisture related issues, subfloor problems, or adhesives that allow you to occupy your space immediately with no down time. We keep retail renovation and expansion projects moving forward with a complete line of subfloor services. Whether those issues... Read More
  • Surge / Mass Casualty Medical Gas Rapid Expansion System By Paladin Healthcare LLC

    Medical Gas expansion is now easier than ever, on demand and deployable without shutting down zone valves or interrupting patient care. Paladin Healthcare’s Rail Mounted Gas Blocks immediately expand existing gas services WITHOUT compromising the existing infrastructure wall outlets with... Read More
  • Suspended Sculpture By Guy Kemper

    Working internationally in glass, sculpture, mosaic, lighting, and paint, Guy’s accomplishments include two documentaries broadcast nationally in the US and Germany, a CODA International Design Award from Interior Design magazine, and coverage in over 80 publications worldwide. Read More
  • Sustainable & Resilient Design By Champlin Architecture

    At Champlin, we believe there is a responsibility to provide buildings and space that are designed to minimize the impact on our planet. Our staff includes design specialists in both architecture and interior design, including LEED-Accredited Professionals as well as a Green Globes... Read More
  • Switchable Privacy Glass By Innovative Glass Corp

    Hospitals are starting to move to cleaner, more sophisticated high-tech solutions to help reduce the spread of in-house infection, and provide comfortable environments where patient privacy & dignity can be maintained at all times. Recent studies found that hospital curtains which hang between... Read More